/ / Bastion Saint-andré and the Museum of archaeology: photos, description (Bastion Saint-Andre)

Bastion Saint-andré and the Museum of archaeology: photos, description (Bastion Saint-Andre)

Among the most famous attractions in Antibes include the remains of the city fortifications built along the sea. For a long time Antibes was considered the most fortified city on the coast. One of these defensive structures, and most impressive, was the Bastion Saint-andré, built by order of the famous fortification and engineer Sebastian Vauban.

The Bastion was built in the XVII century. Today it is a strong stone building is located in the historic centre of Antibes, you can walk along the promenade Admiral de Grasse. Since 1963 within the walls of the Bastion houses the archaeological Museum. On the way to the fortress you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea, the Cape of Antibes and the old town, and continue the contemplation stands in the terrace of the Museum.

In the Museum of archaeology and history, you can see the items found by researchers in the excavations on the site of Antipolis, the ancient city, the site of which grew the modern Antibes, as well as "trophies" numerous underwater expeditions. In the exhibit, which is located under the round stone arches of the Bastion, the ceramics, funerary urns, fragments of ancient ships and household items. The greatest attention of visitors is attracted by a tombstone from the grave of a young slave who served as a dancer in the ancient theater antiscam. Also in the collection of the Museum displays the treasures found on the sunken vessels - amphorae, coins and jewelry. Another interesting exhibit is the reconstruction of the Roman trading vessel.

The exhibits can be judged on how the citizens live in Antibes for nearly three millennia.