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Tower Barbarossa: photos, description Tour Barberousse)

Tower Barbarossa - one of the main attractions of a small seaside town of Gruissan, located in the South of France in the region Languedoc - Roussillon. The tower was built in the XIII century and now there are only ruins.

Previously on this place stood a medieval castle, the history of the building which goes back to X century. It was built on a steep hill and served as a defensive Fort at a major port in the nearby town of Narbonne, which has retained its strategic value Roman. By order of the Archbishop Nambonkaha was appointed commandant of the fortress, which followed the approach of enemy ships. The tower Barbarossa was built in the XII century as part of the additional fortifications connected to the castle.

In the XIV century in connection with the change of the river bed of the Od value of Narbonne as a center of Maritime trade disappeared. The region fell into disrepair, and in the XVI century, the castle of Gruissan was completely destroyed on the orders of cardinal Richelieu. However, the village located at the bottom of the cliff on which the castle stands, is with him a stunning picturesque ensemble. The ruins of the fortress are kind of the Central part of the settlement that grew around them.

From the castle hill offering a beautiful view on the commune of Gruissan, Aude river and the surrounding area. Also worth visiting is the Church of the assumption of the blessed virgin Mary, located at the foot of the hill. The chapel is interesting because it is also a powerful fortified building, like a fortress above it. This small temple was built in the XIII or XIV centuries, and the interior belongs to the XVIII century.

Since 1948, the tower Barbarossa is a monument of history and architecture of France.