/ / Tower of Bellanda: photos, description (Tour Bellanda)

Tower of Bellanda: photos, description (Tour Bellanda)

Tower of Bellanda - a huge, pot-bellied - excellent visible from the waterfront is This-Uni. Tourists it attracts primarily an observation deck at a height of 92 meters: here a view of the entire Bay of Angels. Another interesting story structure - not a militant, but sad.

The tower, which was watching the sea, full of danger the attack on the city, stood here since the fifteenth century. At first it was called the Tour de Mol, in the XVII century was renamed the Tour Saint Elmo (Saint Elmo - patron Saint of sailors). March 29, 1537 from the tower showed people a priceless relic - the Turin shroud. In 1705 when Louis XIV took the city by attack of his troops before the Foundation of the demolished local strengthening. From the tower leaving only the Foundation. In 1824 the family Clerissi received permission to build the structure again, arranging it in a hotel.

In April 1831 in nice-old was Hector Berlioz. The young composer has changed the bride, in a rage, he sought in Paris to kill is wrong. However, nice has produced on him the impression that he changed his mind to kill and remained here, settling at Clarisse". In a letter to the friends of Berlioz described the "exquisite room with views of the sea and a small open space in front of the tower, where he lay, looking at the sea and believed to be fishing boats. In three weeks, he wrote his Overture to "King Lear". Berlioz later recalled that time as the happiest in his life.

Thirteen years later the composer came back here. And again it was happiness: Berlioz wandered along the coast, discovering tiny coves and swam. And again wrote the Overture, which at first even called the "Tower of nice" (later renamed in "Le Corsaire"). The attraction of these places was so great that in 1868, after a difficult time for Berlioz winters in St. Petersburg, he again went to the côte d'azur to enjoy the peace and quiet, to bask in the sun. But this trip became fatal for him.

Descending from steep cliffs in Monaco, Berlioz fell terribly disfigured face and lost a lot of blood. To be treated, he went to nice. Barely settling in the hotel, went to my favorite terrace, but then fell again face down on the stones (it is assumed that the composer had a stroke). After eight days of bed rest, Berlioz was able to return to Paris to recover but couldn't and a little over a year later, she died.

Its current name derives in the mid-nineteenth century by the will of another owner. Before the Second world war proposed to create a Museum of Berlioz, but the plan had failed. For forty years there was located the naval Museum. Now the Tour bellanda restored to climb it, you can either walk the stairs or on the Elevator. On the presence of Hector Berlioz in nice, reminiscent of a memorial plaque on the observation deck. There are powerful binoculars through which a good view of shining sea and sails. Half a century ago on the horizon looked the eyes of Berlioz: the waves were coming and the composer of their endless noise merged with the divine music that knows no death.