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Tower Beauvoir: photo, description, Tour Beauvoir)

Tower Beauvoir - one of the remaining fortifications of the city of Blois, located in the Central region of France. This city is also famous for the homonymous castle, which has long served as a Royal residence. It was here, in 1589, died a famous Queen Catherine de Medici.

The city itself is first mentioned in the VI century by the Bishop and historian Gregory of Tours, has a rich history. From the X century it was the center of the County of Blois, and now it is the capital of Loir-and-cher.

Tower Beauvoir was built in the XII century as the main defensive stronghold of the city. Moreover, about a century there was transferred from the Palace of Blois of the County court, and in its dungeon was a dungeon, who served before 1945. It is worth noting that during the French revolution the prison cells in the tower Beauvoir were overflowing and to accommodate all prisoners, it was merged with the nearby former convent of the Franciscans of the Cordillera.

Tower is a powerful building is square in shape, consisting of three floors and an outdoor terrace on the top. Perhaps, before the building was even higher. On each floor there is one hall. During extensive restoration works in 1970 and was re-built Central staircase, which until that time was absent. In the year 2000 was a the first floor of buildings. Now in the interior of the tower Beauvoir hosts temporary exhibits, they also reserved for ceremonies.

Since 1948, the Beauvoir tower is a monument of history and architecture of France.