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Tower of Vauban: photo description (Tour Vauban)

The Vauban tower was built in the late XVII century and guarded the seaside town of Port-EN-Bessin-Upper from the sea. This settlement has a rich history. It is located in the North-West of France, in the region of lower Normandy. The first mention of it dates back to the XI century, although Gallic settlements were here before the beginning of a new era. Interestingly, this small port was working the shipyard to supply warships to William the Conqueror, therefore, Port-EN-Bessin-Uppen played a role in the Norman conquest of England.

The tower itself was designed in 1694 by a French military engineer Benjamin de Combs. For a long time it served as observation post for the enemy, mostly privateer and the English courts. On its top was a artillery battery, and on the lower floors housed a warehouse of military equipment and ammunition. Earlier over the tower of Vauban stood her authentic another tower, but it was completely destroyed during the allied landing in Normandy in summer 1944. Tower of Vauban was also damaged - it was hit by an artillery shell, but it managed to recover. It should be noted that all Port-EN-Bessin-Oppen was an important center of military operations Channel operations, and the city is now a memorial plaque in memory of these events.

The Vauban tower was built of limestone. Its top is made in the form of a cone, it was there and was equipped with a battery consisting of four guns.
Since 1948, the Vauban's tower is a monument of history and architecture of France.