/ / Tower, the Grosse Cloche: photos, description (Grosse cloche de Bordeaux)

Tower, the Grosse Cloche: photos, description (Grosse cloche de Bordeaux)

Tower, the Grosse Cloche (or Great Bell) is a part of the medieval city fortifications. In the XIII century the city wall was cut through the private entrance into the city for the smooth passage of pilgrims on their way along the Way of St. James in the Spanish city of Santiago de Compostela. This gate was called Saint-Eloi and in the XV century on their ruins was built the town hall of Bordeaux, now called "old".

Medieval skyscraper town hall consisted of two round towers 40 meters in height, between which was a belfry in which hung a massive bell. In the XVII century the bell tower was decorated with wrought-iron grille, and in 1759 on the bell tower has a clock made by the mathematician and astronomer named Paul Larock. Hours before the appearance of the bell tower, the Grosse Cloche has notified residents of Bordeaux events and incidents. So, the bells rang out in honor of the start of the harvest in the vineyards during the fires here sounded the alarm.

However, the bell, which now hangs in the tower - not the one that was placed originally. The first bell was dropped from the town hall in 1548 on the orders of Henry II as punishment to the residents of Bordeaux in the peasant uprising. To live long without the bells and they could already in 1561 cast new and hung it in its place. Current Grosse Cloche was cast in 1775, it weighed a little less than eight tons. In the very same city the tower for a long time housed weapons Arsenal.

Tower, the Grosse Cloche is one of the symbols of Bordeaux and one of the favorite destinations of its residents. The silhouette of the bell tower can be seen on the arms of the city. The tower is located at the intersection of Victor Hugo and St James and is one of the few remaining in the city's medieval buildings. Next to the tower street pavement with cobblestones. At the Central building of the Grosse Cloche there is a weather vane in the form of a Golden leopard.