/ / Tower of Joan of Arc: photo, description, Tour Jeanne-d'arc)

Tower of Joan of Arc: photo, description, Tour Jeanne-d'arc)

In fact, in Rouen, there were two towers, associated with the name of the national heroine Joan of Arc. One of them, in which Jeanne really was kept in prison, was destroyed, and now you can't even see her survivor Foundation. It is located in the yard of the house No. 102 on the street Jeanne d'arc, and its territory free access is not provided. However, this place still marked by a marble plaque.

The second tower survived and formerly known as the Big tower, was the venue of the trial of the maid of Orleans in may of 1431. This tower is preserved the donjon of Rouen castle, which was built on the orders of king Philip II in the early thirteenth century. The castle was built on a hill Bowrey, but the rest of his buildings were destroyed during the religious wars of the XVI century.

The castle was built on the remains of Roman structures and was built of limestone, which was quarried near Rouen. In the XIX century was reconstructed donjon, after which the tower had a roof in the shape of a cone.

During the Second world war the tower was used by the Nazis as a bunker. Only in the second half of the last century the tower became known by the name of Joan of Arc. Within its walls has created a Museum dedicated to the history of the Rouen castle, you can see its layout, and also reduced copies of some other buildings. Also here is a picture of "the Last communion of Joan of Arc," written by Charles-Henri Michel.

In Rouen there are other places associated with maid of Orleans. So, on the Old market square stone slabs laid crosswise, and a plaque marked the place of execution of the heroine. In the center of this square in the last century was built the Church consecrated in her name. Here, in the square, is the Museum of Joan of Arc, which details the life of the heroine and the historical events with her participation.