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Tower Madeloc: photos, description, Tour Madeloc)

Tower Madeloc looms over town of Collioure, located in southern France in the region Languedoc - Roussillon, on the border with Spain. In this area, the Catalan language is spoken even more than the French. This is not surprising, because until 1659 this area was considered Spanish territory. The first mention of the settlement dates back in the year 671, and even then, Collioure was a strategically important trading centre.

Tower Madeloc was built in the XIII century on a cliff, part of the major mountain ranges, long served as a natural border between Spain and France. The building is located at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level.

I wonder the origin of its name historians say that the name "Madeloc" was assigned to another, the neighboring mountain, which is mentioned in documents of the year 971. The original spelling of the word "Madeloc" changed the course of history, but it is believed that this language unit came from the German dialect. On the French map of 1730 it was given to French tradition: Matelotte, but Catalan linguists in their more recent study came to the conclusion that the best option is: Madeloc. In any case, this tower has another, "speaking" name: "devil's Tower" (Tour du Diable).

Fortification of the border fortifications, which was part of a tower Madeloc, was built by the king of Mallorca Jaime II, also titled the count of Roussillon. Thus he guarded their territory against encroachments from the French side, but also from the claims of his brother, Pedro of Aragon, with whom Jaime had been at enmity throughout his life. Of the whole circuit of the fortifications still preserved one building - the tower Massana, located in the neighborhood.

The building itself is made of slate and rounded up. On top of recent times has been installed TV antenna.