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Tower man: photos, description (Tour Magne)

The great tower, or the tower man, in the Park of the "Garden fountains", located on the Mont Cavalier. This is the most that neither is the historical centre of Nimes, as the Park was built in the place where was the source that gave rise to the city.

The first tower on this place was built in the III century BC, this building height of about 18 meters. There are several versions about the purpose of the tower - perhaps she was a guard or a mausoleum.

Came to this place the Romans built around the city Nemausa walls, and the tower became part of the city fortifications. The Roman builders built on it, increasing in height exactly twice. Currently, the tower is gradually destroyed, and therefore its height is 36 meters, and 32. Today, the Magna tower - the only surviving part of the town fortifications from the Roman period.

The tower consists of two tiers: the lower, built by the Gauls in the form of an octahedron, and the upper, tapering, built by the Romans. Inside the tower is a spiral staircase.

In the middle Ages the tower though was outside the city, but continued to protect him - for example, she became part of the fortress, which was destroyed during the hundred years war. In the early XVII century by a local treasure hunter has made it to the tunnel, causing part of the tower collapsed.

In the first half of the nineteenth century the tower was installed an optical Telegraph invented by Claude Chappe which allowed to transmit information through light signals. Sam Chappe was called a semaphore, in Europe it was used before the advent of the electric Telegraph. For such a network were adapted and other buildings in the cities of France.

In 1840, the Magna tower recognized as a historical monument and a few years later was engaged in its preservation and restoration. Currently, the tower hosts exhibitions.