/ / Tower Ne-Berlin: photos, description (Tour Pey-Berland)

Tower Ne-Berlin: photos, description (Tour Pey-Berland)

Square PE-Berlin in Bordeaux is a tower of the same name. And the area, and the tower was named in honor of the Archbishop of Bordeaux Pierre Berlan who ran the local diocese in 1430 1457. During the life of the Archbishop has become famous, including the fact that it was founded in Bordeaux University and College for poor students, named after Saint Raphael.

Also Pierre Berlan in 1440, began the construction of the tower which is the bell tower for the Cathedral of St. Andrew. The construction of the bell tower occurred in the period when there was an active reorganization and reconstruction of the temple itself. The bell tower is 66 meters high, its spire crowned by a gilded figure of the virgin Mary with the baby. It was established in 1863 during the restoration of the steeple, damaged in the XVIII century. Gold plated virgin Mary looks out towards the city of the Medoc, the birthplace of Pierre Berlan. A year earlier, in 1862, the tower of PE-Berlin was included in the list of historical monuments of France.

At the top of the tower in 1869 was a large bell, weighing about eight tons. The tower is part of the ensemble of the Cathedral, but stands aloof from it. Explain it just the vibrations from the sound of a big bell, which could adversely affect the condition of the walls of the temple. However, in the Middle ages the Church building and bell tower was connected with the houses of the canons, which to our days has not been preserved.

The belfry was built in the flamboyant Gothic style, and richly carved, the elements of which stylized flames. Around the spire was built a terrace which leads to a staircase of 230 steps. From the terrace you can see practically the whole of Bordeaux, from the top of the bell tower offers wonderful views of the city.