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Tower Saint-Blaise: photo description (Tour Saint-Blaise)

In the XIII century in hyères were the garrison of the knights Templar, and the tower of Saint-Blaise, also called tower of the knights Templar, preserved as the city's only evidence on the presence here of the representatives of the once powerful order.

The order of the knights of the Temple was founded in the early XII century and the XIII century had achieved considerable influence and wealth, many religious and secular privileges, but in the beginning of the XIV century was in the doghouse and in 1312 was dissolved. Tower in hyères was built by the Templars in the period of greatest power of the order.

After the abolition of the Templar tower was transferred to another order of Malta (Hospitallers), which was founded in the XI century and still exists as the world's oldest chivalric religious order. When the Templars in the tower were located including the guards ' rooms. The next owners rented the building to rent, in the second half of the XVII century by the lessee was a municipality, concluding with the order of the long-term lease agreement.

Since the second half of the XVIII century and until 1914 the tower served as the headquarters of the city authorities, who did not have the funds to build the town hall. At this time the tower building has undergone alterations, which is not the best way affected its external appearance and condition. In the 80-90-ies of the last century has undergone restoration, after which the building was opened the gallery of modern art, where exhibitions and other cultural events.

In hyères, the tower Saint-Blaise is located at Plaza Massillon, in the historical part of the city. Because of the unusual view of the tower (it is a narrow building with a semicircular facade) used as a conspicuous landmark, and make appointments at its foot.

The city of Hyeres is known as the South and the first resort of the French Riviera. It is in the descriptions of the Hyeres beaches first appeared the phrase "Cote d'azur".