/ / Tower of Saint-Jacques: photo description (Tour Saint-Jacques)

Tower of Saint-Jacques: photo description (Tour Saint-Jacques)

Close to the Cité is the famous tower of Saint-Jacques - she is perfectly visible from the bridge on Ile de La Cité or the Rue Saint-Jacques. Built in the flamboyant Gothic style tower - the true embodiment of the contradictory history of Paris.

Now the tower stands alone in the middle of town that looks a little strange. However, at the time it was the bell tower of the Parisian Church of Saint-Jacques-de-La-Boucherie (Saint James Church), built in the early XVI century by king Francis I. she was Built in the village butchers, who donated generously for the construction. That's why the title included the word "Boucherie" (FR.boucherie - meat trade, butcher shop).

It is here in Paris was held the main road to the South, leading to the famous Shrine in Spain - Santiago de Compostela (in French Saint - Jacques-de-COMPOSTELLE). This fact will play a role in the fate of the tower three and a half centuries later.

The bell tower is 52 meters. Blaise Pascal in 1648, was chosen for experiments on the measurement of atmospheric pressure. In 1793 during the French revolution, the Church of Saint-Jacques-de-La-Boucherie was destroyed, but the bell tower as a sign of respect to the great physicist, has been left untouched.

The new revolutionary government of France ordered the curious fate of the tower was sold to the manufacturer hunting shot. Production technology fractions was as follows: molten lead is poured in a thin stream with a 50-meter height. During the flight, the stream was divided into balls, which are finally cooled down in a water tank.

In 1836 the city of Paris bought the tower back. In the middle of the XIX century the tower was restored: in fact it was rebuilt. Paul Sinion made for her a new statue of St. James in return destroyed during the revolution. In 1856 at the foot of Saint-Jacques was laid out first in Paris square. In 1891 he appeared on the tower a small weather station.

In 1998, the tour St-Jacques among the seventy others are located in France pilgrimage sites on the way to Santiago de Compostela was included in the list of world heritage of UNESCO.

The last time the tower was restored in 2008. Today it is open for tourists.