/ / Solidor tower and the Museum of sea clippers: photo description (Tour Solidor)

Solidor tower and the Museum of sea clippers: photo description (Tour Solidor)

A powerful defensive structure - Solidor tower - originally stood on the land belonging to the Saint-Servan, which was located near Saint-Malo. In the second half of the XX century Saint-Servan became part of Saint-Malo and is now the largest residential area, located on the island. Solidor tower stands on the shore of the Strait, is one of the city's symbols and a popular tourist destination.

The tower was built as a defensive structure in the XIV century. Ordered its construction, the Duke of Brittany Jean V had intended thus to establish control over the rebellious city of Saint-Malo and its immediate surroundings. The construction of the tower was carried out from 1369 at 1382. Tower connected the castle with a Bastion. It was built on the foundations of the Gallo-Roman period and is three towers connected by a stone wall. The first name of the tower was Steyr-Dor (or "River gate").

During the great French revolution, the tower was used as a prison, and before that served as a tax collection point. Currently, the tower houses a Museum dedicated to sailing and world travel. It displays models of ships, nautical instruments used by seafarers in centuries past. In the Museum tell about achievements of famous sailors of Europe and of France, beginning with Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese traveler of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, and Louis Antoine de Bougainville, who lived in the XVIII-XIX centuries. Also in the tower are a memorial to world war II, and one of the city's aquariums.