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Tower Tanguy: photos, description, Tour Tanguy)

One of the attractions of Brest, a small city on the coast of the Atlantic ocean, Tanguy tower, the building with 25 meters in height. The exact date of its construction is unknown, under assumptions, it was erected in the XIV century, between 1341 and 1364 year. The initiators of the construction called the British, who at that time occupied the city during the war for the Breton succession - one of the military conflicts during the hundred years war.

The circular tower topped with a conical roof, was part of the city fortifications, and later even performed the functions of the city jail. In 1862 by the architect of the Barilla was made the first reconstruction of the building, and in the second half of the XX century - second. After the first reconstruction of the tower has got a roof in the Chinese style, and after the second - some additional decorations.

The Tanguy tower is located on the shore of the Gulf of Penfeld opposite the Chateau de Brest. Since 1954, this building is under the control of the municipal authorities, and prior to that was in private ownership by different owners.

Today, this building is a Museum of the history of the town before the Second world war. The Museum was opened in July 1962. In the collection of the Museum contains documents, artworks and other exhibits - antique maps of Brest, photographs and engravings, the collection of weapons and coats of arms, local folklore, and dioramas with scenes from the history of the city, made with a high degree of realism and reliability of local artist Jim Sevellec. These installations give an idea of how it looked Brest in the beginning of the XVIII century and the beginning of the XX century. They represented the streets of the city, including the quarter Recouvrance and city market. One of the diorama reproduces a visit to Brest in 1858, Napoleon III.