/ / Tower of the Ursulines: a photo, a description (Tour des Ursulines)

Tower of the Ursulines: a photo, a description (Tour des Ursulines)

Tower of the Ursulines, the only preserved part of the castle of Rivo, towering over the city Tenom Burgundy, Central France. It was built in the XII century.

The tower was erected on the foundations of the fortifications are still Gallo-Roman period. While her appearance blended the details of all the styles of the early middle Ages, as the building has been repeatedly altered.

Until the XV century the castle of Rivo served as the Royal citadel, and in those days, the tower got its second name - the tower of king Francis I. Then, the fortress was converted: it now housed the prison, and the tower was renamed - now it was called the tower of prisoners. During the Huguenot wars of the late sixteenth century Autun spoke in support of the Catholic League, and to prevent further conflicts, the fortress on the orders of king Henry IV was completely destroyed. Preserved only the extreme southern donjon, known today as the tower of the Ursulines.

Its third and last name this building received in 1647, when it was granted, who arrived in the region the community of the sisters of Ursuline. Here was established a school for girls who worked until the beginning of the French revolution. In 1793, all the buildings remaining from the activities of the nuns, including a new chapel, were destroyed.

Tower of the Ursulines became private property and has changed many owners. In the nineteenth century, the new owners have made extensive renovations. Then there was a terrace with an observation deck on the top of the tower, and in 1862 the building was crowned with a three-meter statue of the blessed virgin Mary.

In 1997 the tower of the Ursulines acquired a Japanese artist Hisao Takahashi, the famous restorer of the French churches. He opened in this building, the centre Franco-Japanese culture.