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Beuvron-EN-Auge: photo description (Beuvron-en-Auge)

Beuvron-EN-Auge is a picturesque old village on the North-West of France, located in the region of lower Normandy. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to 242 people. The closest major cities Caen and Lisieux, with both about 30 kilometers.

The village of Beuvron-EN-Auge is a typical medieval village with narrow streets, huddled like a toy half-timbered houses. The oldest of them and is called - "Old HOMESTEAD" - about five hundred years. Between the houses feature numerous flower beds and small gardens. Picturesque ensemble complements flowing in the big channel of the river Dives and its smaller tributaries. It is believed that the name "Beuvron" previously belonged to one of the tributaries of the river. It is translated from the Gallic language as "beaver".

In the past, this town was the residence of the Dukes de Irkorov, but their Palace was destroyed and never restored. It is also worth noting the old railway station, opened in 1879.

The settlement is located in the centre of the agricultural area'auge, famous for its dairy products, including cheeses. Here also was first prepared with Calvados - Apple brandy, often meet in the pages of novels Remarque. All these delicacies, and the popular Normandy delicacies can be tasted at the numerous stalls and shops scattered throughout the village. Of course, all made according to old medieval recipes. Also in the small local gift boutiques you can buy Antiques.

In the village of Beuvron-EN-Auge in spring and autumn are a variety of flowers contests and fun fairs, and the first Sunday of may a festival of cider.