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Belvès: photo description (Belves)

The commune of Belvès, one of the most beautiful villages of France located in the Aquitaine region in the Dordogne. It is located on the land of the historic province of Perigord, and it is in the "black" part and stands on the banks of a tributary of the river Dordogne.

In the days of the Gauls and Romans on the territory of modern Belvès there was a settlement. In the sixth century in the woods Bessed lived as a hermit Saint AVIT, whose identity has played a significant role in the spread of local Christianity.

The first mention of Belvès date back to the year 830. Shortly before that date there existed a monastery, which by the mid-ninth century was destroyed by the Normans. In the XI century on the site of modern Belvès housed a Castrum - a fortified settlement. In the XIII century the city was a stronghold of heretic Cathars, which twice came to expel the armed troops of the Archbishop of Bordeaux. During these conflicts, the Archbishop of Bordeaux was Mr. Belvès, and his successors for five centuries retain the title.

In its history, Belvès many times was embroiled in various wars, including the Centennial and religious, the peasant uprising known as the jacquerie", has experienced two devastating epidemics of ergotism in the late tenth century and plague in the middle of the XIV century.

Among the most interesting attractions of Belvès it is worth noting the XV century castle, also known as the mansion de Commarque and the inside is decorated with ancient paintings. On the site of a Benedictine monastery, known since IX century was built the Church of Notre-Dame, parts of which date back to the XIII-XV centuries. One of the oldest buildings is the tower-belfry (XI century), and one of the most beautiful neo-Gothic mansion of the second half of the XIX century. At the medieval market you can see the place of public punishment, where was erected the pillory and the former Dominican monastery is now the residence of the municipal authorities.

Several times a year Belvès is the venue for sports and cultural events. In April there are races of marathon, in August arrange a medieval feast and show.