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Belcastel: photos, description (Belcastel)

In the region MIDI-pyrénées, there are two municipalities called Belcastel. But only one of them, located in the Department of Aveyron, is a member of the most beautiful villages of France. The second one is situated in the tarn Department and a member of this Association is not yet.

Aveyron commune Belcastel located in the heart of the Department, near the river Aveyron. City-neighbors - Rodez and Villefranche-de-Rouergue. The main population of the village two hundred people.

Above the village stands the castle, whose history began in the VIII century. First on the cliff near the village on the good will of the inhabitants had built a modest chapel, which two centuries later was occupied by units of the Royal army and turned it into a Bastion. Then fortified building was granted to the knight of Sanyaku in gratitude for faithful service. The new owner at the end of the XIV century was built the fortress, turning it into a real castle and built a new Church and threw a new bridge over the Aveyron. In the XVI century rod Cognac dried up, and the castle remained without owners and fell into disrepair, being in the unenviable state until the second half of the last century.

In 1973 the castle became interested in the architect Fernand Pouillon, who became its new owner and for several years has restoration of the castle. Currently, the castle is still private property, but the owners did not close it to visitors and arranging guided tours. Tourists discovered the ten rooms and several courtyards of the estate. The castle houses a rich collection of medieval weapons and armor, as well as exhibitions of contemporary art.