/ / Coastal trail Le Corbusier: photos, description (Promenade Le Corbusier)

Coastal trail Le Corbusier: photos, description (Promenade Le Corbusier)

The famous architect and designer Le Corbusier is buried between the cities of cap-Martin and Menton. At the local cemetery he rests beside his wife. Le Corbusier died in 1965 in happy old age from a heart attack while swimming near Cape Roquebrune. The artist was 77 years old.

In Roquebrune, to be more exact, the resort of cap-Martin, he spent his time walking, resting or working in the so-called "hut". This small house the architect designed in accordance with their principles of organization of space by using one of their own architectural models. Square hut" is only 10 square meters, this summer house almost no furniture.

The artist liked to stroll in the so-called "path of customs", although after his death this road increasingly became known as "the trail of Le Corbusier". This trail runs along the coast and leads from the Park to Monaco. Along the way, you can see beautiful beaches, and gorgeous flowering gardens.

Among the buildings designed by Le Corbusier in different countries of the globe, the most famous are the pavilion for the world exhibition in Paris (1924), the building of the Museum of Western art in Tokyo (1959) and the Centrosoyuz in Moscow (30 years), as well as cultural, residential and production structures in European countries, India, USA.

Attractions Roquebrune, which consists of two parts - resort and historic (cap Martin and the village), also include a medieval Fort and Church of Saint Margaret of the XII century copy of the fresco "the last judgment" by Michelangelo, a small nature reserve with thousands of years of olive, mansions of the period of the "Belle Epoque" Villa built for fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.