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Bauer: photos, description (Behuard)

Beyer - the name given to the island on the Loire river and municipality in the Department of Maine et Loire pays de La Loire region, 13 kilometers from Angers and 75 kilometers from Nantes. In fact, the village is located on this small island it is home to about a hundred people.

The Loire is one of the most famous rivers of France: first, it is the longest (its length is more than a thousand kilometers), and secondly, in the valley of the river located many medieval castles (for example, Beaufort, Sevenon, La Roche), cathedrals and palaces (the Palace of the Dukes of Nevers), as well as cities such as Orleans, Tours, Blois, Angers and others. Near Nantes, the Loire flows into the Atlantic ocean. The Loire is also called "the Royal river", and its valley for the beauty of the architectural heritage - "the wedding dress of France". Architectural monuments in the Loire valley, declared world heritage site by UNESCO.

On the island of Bewar quite a bit of attractions. One of them is a Church built in the XV century. If you believe local legend, its appearance the Church owes to king Louis XI, who travel through the Loire, was in so strong a storm that he was forced to call for help, the blessed virgin Mary. The king gave his word that upon his salvation he was to build a Church in honor of our lady. Louis XI washed up on the shore of the island of Bewar, his promise he kept, and today a small Church on the island of eager pilgrims from all over France and other countries. Besides churches, the island also houses a retirement home for priests.

The island of Bewar frequently flooded during the floods, so the water level in the Loire, the locals see using the scale set next to the beach.

The village on the island of Bewar recognized by UNESCO as a cultural monument.