/ / Exchange area: photo, description, Place de la Bourse)

Exchange area: photo, description, Place de la Bourse)

The old stock exchange is one of the symbols of Bordeaux. It is located near the waterfront of the Garonne river and about a kilometer from the Cathedral of St. Andrew. In this place concentrated several attractions both historical and modern. The first is the architectural ensemble of the square includes two buildings in the Baroque style and the fountain of the Three graces, a contemporary attraction can be called unusual "mirror" fountain, whose waters, like a mirror, reflected the old stock Exchange.

The construction of the square was conducted from 1730 to 1755. The author of its project was the architect ange-Jacques Gabriel, and completed the construction after his death the son of Jacques. Area several times changed its name. Initially, it was called Royal, and its center was adorned with a statue of Louis XV on horseback. During the great French revolution, the monarch was dismantled and placed in the square the Tree of Liberty and the square, respectively, became known as Liberty square. Under Napoleon I, the area became Imperial, and then was again renamed to the Royal. In the 30-ies of the XIX century the center of the square decorated with a fountain in the form of marble columns, in 1869, was a fountain with figures of three daughters of Zeus, which can be seen today. This fountain was created based on sketches by Louis Visconti, a famous architect, the architect of the funerary monument of Napoleon Bonaparte. The current name of the Exchange area was in 1848.

The basis of the architectural ensemble of market square, are two long buildings constructed in the Baroque style. One of them is the stock Exchange Palace, and the second is the Customs Museum. For the Museum was allocated the building of former customs 1733 construction. In the Museum collection there are about 12 thousand exhibits, telling about the marine and commercial life of Bordeaux in the last centuries. Building Exchange square is decorated with sculptures of ancient gods Hermes and Athena, who was considered the patron of Commerce and science. The author is Jacques Verbeck - sculptor, decorated the interiors of the Palace of Versailles.

Fountain of Mirrors appeared on the square only in 2006. It is a huge flat area that flooded a couple of inches. After a certain period of time water is sprayed through nozzles, and the area is foggy. Swimming in the fountain is a favorite summer pastime of residents and visitors.