/ / The Annunciation Museum, (Musee de l'annonciade)

The Annunciation Museum, (Musee de l'annonciade)

In the resort town of Saint Tropez on area Grammont, near the shores of a small art Museum, which is called the "temple of art". And it really is the temple, as the Museum occupies the former chapel of the Annunciation, built in the XVI century. In fact, it opened the Museum soon became known as the Annunciation.

The collection of this Museum is small: about fifty paintings and several sculptures, which were created in the period from 1890 to mid-twentieth century. However, it is worth noting that in this small collection contains masterpieces of painting of the first half of the last century, including an exercise bike.

In many respects his appearance this Museum is the painter Paul Signac, who often visited us in Saint-Tropez, then in 90-ies of the XIX century, bought a house and settled in it. The Signac came his disciples, friends and colleagues. In addition to the work of Signac, in the Museum you can see paintings of Henri Matisse, Georges Seurat, Georges Rouault, Andre Derain, Pierre Bonnard and other French artists. Some of them were well-known creative Association "Nabi" who competed in the early twentieth century with the Impressionists. In the paintings presented in the Annunciation Museum, you can see how the sunlit landscapes of the Saint-Tropez, and contrasting them with a gloomy view of the French capital.

The conversion of the chapel to the Museum took place with the participation of the patron of Georges Grammont, who not only allocated funds for this, but also gave the Museum his private collection of paintings.

The Museum often is the change of the display, but temporary exhibits consistently dedicated to the work of avant-garde and of artists close to them in spirit.