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Beaulieu-Les-Loches: photo description (Beaulieu-les-Loches)

Beaulieu-Les-Loches is a small village that is located on the banks of the river Indre, opposite the commune of Loches. Both settlements offer a number of medieval attractions, including the castle of Loches, one of the oldest surviving in France dungeon. The initiator of its construction was the count of Anjou Fulk Nerra, during which were built many castles and fortresses.

The remains of Polka Nerra, by the way, are buried in St. Peter's Church in Beaulieu-Les-Loches. The other village Church - Saint-Laurent stands on the ruins of the monastery, which was built around the same time as the castle of Loches, in the IX-X century. This town was once home to aristocracy. From those times survived a Templar House, the deanery, several monastic buildings, one of which now houses the town Hall. Partially preserved in the monastery gardens.

In 1643 there was founded a convent, but because of the swampy places, the hard life, raw space and meager power of a nun died early from a variety of diseases and fevers. The monastery existed 150 years it was closed, what else contributed to the events of the French revolution.

In Beaulieu-Les-Loches preserved the spirit of the middle Ages - largely due to the fact that this place is still not too isogene tourists in contrast to its "neighbor" of the commune of Loches.