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The big Clock: photographs, description (Gros-Horloge)

The big clock of Rouen luxurious appearance and regularly go despite his advanced age, which goes back several centuries. The clock was installed at the city tower in 1389 and was older than his stone Foundation. They were made early and first graced one of the towers of the city of Salisbury in England, and then was transported to Rouen.

In Rouen watches are a symbol of the city and one of the most popular attractions. You can find them on the same street - the Rue de Gros-Horloge, across which there is a clock tower with an arched opening at the bottom. Its vaults are decorated with bas-reliefs, which, moreover, are beautifully lit in the evening and at night.

Street of Gros-Horloge itself is the attraction, on both sides of half-timbered houses which were carefully restored. The street is only for pedestrians, there are many souvenir shops and cafes.

Dial vintage watch movement is decorated in true Royal colour - combination of blue, Burgundy and gold colors, some designs or gilded, or were made of gold. The center of the dial is decorated with a gold sun, the rays of which moves a single hand. At the end of it is attached the figure of a lamb. The sheep depicted on the emblem of Rouen, as the main income the city brought the wool trade. Above the dial is a silver ball, which clock shows the phases of the lunar cycle - this information was very important for medieval seafarers and farmers. In the lower part of the dial is the scoreboard, which replaced the pictures with pictures of people and animals - so hours determine day of the week. In each corner of the dial is a round element in the upper corners, a smaller size, and lower a little more), like a mirror. In fact it's small Windows, through which from the tower you can observe the life of the street.

Next to a clockwork mechanism inside the tower is a small room that was intended for a caretaker of hours. Now in manual control of a clock no need to be a custodian of electronics now stands, however, the authorities of Rouen tried to keep the original mechanism.