/ / Large aquarium of Saint Malo: photo, description Grand aquarium Saint-Malo)

Large aquarium of Saint Malo: photo, description Grand aquarium Saint-Malo)

A visit to the Grand aquarium Saint-Malo promises thrill, as some of its attractions - is not for the faint of heart visitors. The presence of feeding sharks is probably the most peaceful of them.

How much harder tickle the nerves a night spent in the same room with these large marine predators. Of course, the sharks will swim in your own pool, and visitors, as usual, to be in the hall, but all of this will happen in complete darkness. In the other pool will offer to pet sea creatures smaller - they may be harmless, but the names are frightening: sea spider, or Stingray, for example. One of the attractions of this aquarium - submersible mini-submarine "Nautilus here, in one of the pools. In addition to the submarine, in the pool, swims a few thousand fish, so the dip will be entertaining and informative.

To learn about the inhabitants of the aquarium more, visitors are offered to watch a documentary 3D movie and see the interactive information content.

A large aquarium in Saint Malo is situated near the entrance of the city, near the city castle, built in the XV-XVIII centuries, on the street of General Patton. The aquarium was opened in 1996 and is one of the largest in the region. Inside - 46 aquariums, which are home to about 12 thousand fish and marine animals. The total volume of these reservoirs, more than three million litres, only the aquarium, which is home to eight sharks, with a capacity of about six liters of sea water.

In one of the aquariums placed the skeleton of an ancient Galleon, who also "inhabit" the marine fish and algae. Fauna of the tropical latitudes subject of a separate reservoir, the inhabitants of the Northern seas also has its own pool. Just the aquarium, there are eight halls, each with its own theme.