/ / The Grand Palace (Grand Palais): photo description (Grand Palais)

The Grand Palace (Grand Palais): photo description (Grand Palais)

The Grand Palais (Great Palace) des Champs elysées - luxury building in the Beaux arts, a major cultural and exhibition center.

It was built for the universal exhibition of 1900. At first I doubted whether it was possible to Eclipse the success of the Eiffel tower at the previous exhibition? I decided that this time the focus will be on art. The Grand Palace of fine arts (full title of the Grand Palais) is part of a massive redevelopment of the Western part of Paris.

The construction was difficult. The soil could not withstand the weight of the building, it took 3400 oak piles, that the estimates had been greatly exceeded. Required a huge amount of steel, stone, rubble, bricks, machinery and manpower. Fifteen hundred builders also created problems - flash strike.

The result was worth it. Appeared a majestic building with a steel frame, huge glass roof, lots of statues, friezes and mosaics. The bronze Quadriga, the work of George Recipea crowned by two wings of the facade, the allegorical statues represent Immortality outstripping time and Harmony, triumphant over discord. The inscription on the fronton proclaims that the Republic is dedicating this building to the glory of French art.

From the very beginning the Palace was the venue of exhibitions devoted to innovation and technology and of course art. It was here that he received the recognition of Matisse and Gauguin, it was here declared itself cubism, led by the then-unknown Picasso.

During the Second world war the building was requisitioned as a military hospital for thousands of patients. Painters and sculptors, not subject to mobilization, decorated the house or made molds for dentures. During the occupation the Palace was used as a Nazi propaganda exhibitions, and during the liberation of Paris as the headquarters of the Resistance.

Now the Grand Palais is still the artistic center. Exhibitions, parades mod (fashion house Chanel holds their shows here), car dealerships, horse shows, book fairs, live concerts, the world fencing championship - it's hard to list all the events taking place under the glass roof of the Grand Palace of fine arts.