/ / Botanical garden in Poitiers: photo description (Jardin des Plantes de Poitiers)

Botanical garden in Poitiers: photo description (Jardin des Plantes de Poitiers)

Botanical garden, located in Poitiers, has experienced in its history as many as eight journeys before it settled at its present location - on the street, which was named in honor of this green area.

The first Botanical garden in Poitiers was founded in 1621 Dean of the medical faculty named Pascal Le Coq. Accordingly, this garden is intended for training and practice of future doctors. After numerous journeys in 1869 the garden was finally moved to its permanent location on the territory of the former city hospital.

Now medical students is not necessary for the attainment of knowledge to visit these green groves, but residents and visitors Poitier love to be in the city's Botanical garden. Over the garden fence well science and recreation. Part of the garden is a municipal landscape Park, which features walkways, paths, a pond with waterfalls and even a grotto and the other part (actually the Botanical gardens) is designed for research purposes. Here are grown not only local plants but also imported from other countries. For certain types created by specific climatic conditions in which they grew at home. In the garden greenhouse grow about 150 tropical species, including many varieties of orchids as well as cacti and bromeliads. In the arboretum of the garden plants used in perfumery, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.

Also on the Park side of the garden, different types of trees and shrubs - for example, Atlas and Himalayan cedars, huge redwoods, Ginkgo tree, persimmon, stone and pyramidal oak and others.

The garden consists of about a half hectares.