/ / Botanical garden of Villa thuret: photos, description (Jardin botanique de la Villa Thuret)

Botanical garden of Villa thuret: photos, description (Jardin botanique de la Villa Thuret)

The Park of the Villa thuret is one of the first and most famous Botanical gardens on the French Riviera. In the mid-nineteenth century, the Park was created by Gustave thuret, a well-known biologist who devoted his scientific career Algology - study of algae.

Gustave thuret lived abroad as a French attaché, and then traveled around the world and France. In order to be closer to the object of his research, he settled on the coast, first at Cherbourg and then in 1857, in Antibes, where he built a Villa and several acres of land broke the Botanical garden. Seeds of some plants he had sent from other countries colleagues-scientists, and local residents have dubbed the algologist "mad botanist". From Antibes Gustave thuret went to conduct research in the North of France, in particular, on the shore of the English channel.

The Park was created by a scientist not only in aesthetic but also scientific, as he was interested in the question of acclimatization of plants and the creation of the evergreen garden. So in Antibes appeared rare for these places eucalyptus trees, cypresses and palm trees. Garden immediately became a local landmark, and it remains still. Visitors to the city attracted by the opportunity to stroll through the shady alleys, surrounded by tropical plants and trees neobratimo, to see its beautiful rose garden.

Currently in the Botanical gardens there are about 1600 species of trees and shrubs, imported from South Africa, Australia, southern North America, China, Japan, New Zealand, and the shores of the Mediterranean. Planted annually in the Park from 50 to 100 new plant species. The Park covers an area of about 3.5 hectares. Today the Park is administered by the national Institute for agronomic research, and in honor of the founder of the Park on one of the alleys of the bust of Gustave thuret.