/ / Botanical gardens Mont: photo description (Jardin botanique du Montet)

Botanical gardens Mont: photo description (Jardin botanique du Montet)

Botanical garden of Monte in Nancy was created relatively recently, but it has a "predecessor" with a more ancient history. In the middle of the XVIII century when the city's medical College was established medicinal plant garden. This order gave the Duke of Lorraine Stanislaw Leszczynski, also known as the king of Poland and father-in-law of Louis XV. It is named after one of the main squares in Nancy, not far from it were and the College, and old Botanical garden. This garden, now a city Park bears the name of the scholar Dominic Alexander Godron, his former Director in the second half of the XIX century. Some plants the garden were donated by Josephine, Bogarne. From this garden the entire collection of plants at the end of the XX century was moved to the newly created garden Monte, were left only some of them.

New Botanical garden was founded in 1975 as a Department of the local University named Jules Henri poincaré. For the creation of the garden was allotted a large plot of land, which is located on the territory of two suburbs Nancy - Villers and Vandoeuvre. The garden area was 27 hectares.

In the new garden, there are over 12 thousand species of plants that grow in the open ground behind the glass of the greenhouses - the greenhouses area here is about two and a half thousand square meters. In the greenhouses growing bananas, orchids, coffee trees, tropical water lilies and other plants. Also in the garden of Monte created arboterum (nursery for trees), rose gardens, Alpine gardens, and separate the herbs, there are also thematic or historical collection of plants. In the garden performed not only excursions, but also lectures about the diversity of the plant world.