/ / Botanical garden of Rouen: photo description (Jardin des plantes de Rouen)

Botanical garden of Rouen: photo description (Jardin des plantes de Rouen)

In 1806 on the territory of the Rouen Botanical garden was very unusual for that time event: a female aeronaut Sophie Blanchard took to the skies in a hot air balloon. And soon to roll on a ball in the garden were everyone.

The Botanical garden in Rouen and is now often becoming a venue for various public events. The space is organized so that people and plants will not interfere with each other: for activities designed landscape Park, and for research and contemplation of exotic flora created greenhouses, hothouses and collections.

The city garden was built in the XVII century, its first owner was the President of the court named Louis de Karel'. After his death, the owners of the garden was changed several times, among them was a Scottish banker, and a local merchant, and even Napoleon himself. Only in the 1830-ies of the garden became municipal property. After the reconstruction and renovation of the garden was opened to the public, but here also he was engaged in research activities of scientists and studied medicinal plants of the medical students.

Currently, the Botanical garden covers an area of about ten hectares, of which about one and a half acres is closed for the idle public area.

In the garden there are about 6,000 species of plants from different latitudes. Just a collection of fuchsias has almost a thousand species and has a national status. One of the objects of pride of the employees of the garden is the rose garden, where a subspecies of roses bred by the experts at Normandy. His achievements they share with the visitors and arrange a demonstration of these beautiful flowers. Also in the garden you can see dahlias and irises, rhododendrons and Lily, aromatic plants. In the greenhouses the garden are exotic plants from other continents, among them coffee and banana trees, orchids, sugar cane, giant water lilies and others. One of the greenhouses is occupied by different types of palm trees. In addition, the garden inhabited by birds, wavy parrots, Golden pheasants and quail.