/ / Botanical garden of Eze: photo description (Jardin exotique d'eze)

Botanical garden of Eze: photo description (Jardin exotique d'eze)

Eze - a small commune in the South of France with a population of about three thousand people. But even in this tiny town there are sights that can surprise the traveler. Including perfume factory Fragonard and Galimar, the path of Nietzsche, as well as the Botanical garden, the main inhabitants of which are cacti.

The town is located high in the mountains, so the local Botanical garden called the most mountainous, at least in this region of France. In this exotic garden in Eze is one of the youngest in the country, it was founded only in 1949. One of the initiators of its creation was the mayor of Eze Rene Ianto, and the idea of embodied Jean gust, who created a Botanical garden in Monaco.

Paths and alleys of the garden surrounded by the ruins of an ancient fortress, which was destroyed in the beginning of XVIII century, built this fortification was in the era of the Saracen invasions. The garden has been planted with various species of thermophilic plants - palms, agaves, but the most exotic are the succulents of the huge size and unusual garden looks like at the time of flowering cacti. In total there are more than three thousand species of these prickly plants, some have reached 20 meters in height and more than half a meter in diameter.

A few years ago in the Botanical garden of Eze was reconstructed, after which he purchased another viewpoint, elegant benches and fountains. In different parts of the garden were sculptures of Jean-Philippe Richard, depicting young women. It is considered that their installation is a kind of a nod to the Egyptian goddess ISIS, in whose name was the name of Eze.

From the viewing platforms, upper and lower (new) - fine views of the town itself and its suburbs, and this is another reason why guests like to visit the Botanical garden.