/ / Brest Botanic gardens: photo description (Conservatoire botanique national de Brest)

Brest Botanic gardens: photo description (Conservatoire botanique national de Brest)

National Botanical garden of Brest is also known as the Botanical Conservatory. More recently, in 70-e years of the last century, this blooming Paradise you could see the quarry and city dump. Thanks to the decision of the local authorities in 1971, it carried out the reclamation of land and after four years, there was a garden, into which from all over the world began to bring their rare and endangered plants. In 1977, the Botanical garden began to take visitors for free. In 90-e years when the garden was opened national nature conservation centre plants off the armorican hills.

Today the garden area is about 32 hectares, plus 20 hectares is adjacent to the garden on the North side of the Park. In the Botanical garden there are about 1800 species of plants, most of which are endangered in their natural habitat. The main attention is paid to the conservation of the flora of Oceania and locations with unique biodiversity like Madagascar, Morocco, Sicily and Chile. For heat-loving tropical plants are built conservatories and greenhouses, other species grow under the open sky, all green "inhabitants" of the garden are grouped by the regions of their growth.

On-site Botanical gardens Hiking trails and a Playground for children, and so it is regarded as a suitable place for a family holiday. At the beginning of may in the Botanical garden fair is held for Amateur gardeners, who can purchase the seedlings of trees and flowers, including rare and tropical.