/ / Brest castle: photos, description Chateau de Brest)

Brest castle: photos, description Chateau de Brest)

Chateau du Brest - historical and architectural monument, whose construction began in the III century by the Romans, and continued almost to the XVII century, when the castle was fortified by the famous French engineer and fortifier, the Marquis Sebastian Le Petrom de Vauban.

In different years of Chateau du Brest became the Royal residence and even a prison. During the Second world war, the castle was partially destroyed, but then fully restored. Since 1923 the castle has the status of a historical monument of France.

The castle complex comprises seven towers that are interconnected. Within this stone ring is another fortress with underground casemates and the chapel. The thickness of walls reaches up to 12 meters. In the southern part of the castle preserved remains of stone masonry work made by the Romans. Inspection of the castle I propose to start with the tower Magdalene, from the upper level which offers a beautiful view of the city.

The castle is located on the banks of Penfeld, opposite to it is another famous city of the strengthening tower of Tanguy the Museum of the history of Brest before 1939. Part of the castle is closed to visitors as it hosts the headquarters of Maritime command and the Maritime Prefecture. Perhaps the castle is the world's oldest active military facility.

In another part of the castle houses the national Maritime Museum. Within its walls are kept the navigation devices and models of ships, paintings of seascapes, sculptures of famous sailors, hardwood nasal shapes that adorned the court. Some of the exhibits on display in the open front of the castle walls. Just like Maritime museums in the country for five, four are located in the cities of Toulon, Rochefort, Port Louis, in the French capital.