/ / The Breton Museum, (musée départemental breton)

The Breton Museum, (musée départemental breton)

The Breton Museum in Quimper is also called the departmental Breton Museum. It is located on the street bearing the name of the king Gradlon - the same one which is related to the legend of the founding of Quimper. Gradlon went down in history and local folklore as a founder of the mythical sunken city of ker-Is, and as abusive father, which is the tip of the Quimper Saint-Corentin ordered to drown her own daughter the Unicorn into the sea for communication with the devil.

The Museum is housed in a building from the XVI to the XIX century it was the residence of bishops. One of the most outstanding features of this Palace is the tower Rohan is the oldest part of the building, built by order of Bishop Claude de Rohan in the beginning of XVI century in the Renaissance style. Inside the tower is a spiral staircase, it rests on the ceiling, made of oak. The ceiling is decorated with carved ornament which bears images of plants, existing and fictional animals and various symbols.

The Museum is a local history, many of its exhibits were found during archaeological excavations or are of ethnographic value. Mainly the exposition of the Museum illustrates the lives of the people inhabiting the territory of the Department of finistère, the center of which is the Kemper. The collection of exhibits in four halls, where you can see traditional Breton costumes, furniture, utensils, other items and way of life, tools of artisans and the products of their labor, wooden sculptures, Quimper pottery, glazed and painted by craftsmen.

By the way, the local faience in Quimper, home to a Museum which bears the name of Jules Verlinke, in addition, the city has many workshops for the manufacture of earthenware products, and the plates and bowls are "special" Souvenirs from this city.