/ / Boulevard Carnot: photos, description (Boulevard Carnot)

Boulevard Carnot: photos, description (Boulevard Carnot)

Boulevard Carnot in Cannes is a brilliant street with a length of more than two and a half miles full of shops, with houses of exquisite architecture. In the southern cities, this can be seen infrequently.

Excellent street was created by one man: the banker Henri Germain, the founder of the largest French Bank "credit Lyon". The banker loved the côte d'azur. In 1863, came to Cannes railway, and Germain began to buy up land for a pittance to the North from the train station, hoping for a successful real estate speculation. The architect Durand has developed a project unprecedented for a small town of Avenue twenty - six feet wide, with beautiful houses in the style of "Belle Epoque". Boulevard Foncier-Lones was inaugurated in 1883, a year later it was renamed in memory of President Sadi Carnot, who died at the hands of terrorist.

The Boulevard starts from the place de Gare, where is the train station. Square absolutely does not seem landside: steel roads reasonably hide under the ground - no noise, no dirt.

Broad street is full of stylish architecture, somewhat reminiscent of Paris. These are two symmetric buildings at numbers 11 and 12 in the square Vauban - round elegant balconies and caryatids. Public buildings were erected in the neoclassical style. Despite numerous reform and restructuring, they have retained its purpose to this day: Savings Bank (building No. 17), Palace of justice (building No. 19), lycée Carnot (house No. 96 near the border of the city). Covered terrace Lyceum, founded in 1913, is similar to the monastery arcade. This is one of the best educational institutions of France, the pride of Cannes.

All along the streets planted with trees that provide dense shade. At the end of the XIX century in the middle of the Avenue ran a tram, but now the Boulevard given over to cars and pedestrians. The lower floors of these buildings is a continuous chain of shops, restaurants and cafes.

Completes the highway (within Cannes) square bearing the same name - Carnot. In it you can see the equestrian statue of pink stone immortalizing the memory of andré Capron (1902-1929 years was twice elected mayor of Cannes). Seated on horses politician remains a respected historical figure, although his name at one time was linked with financial scandals.

After the Park Boulevard flows into the neighboring town of Le Cannet, keeping his or her name. The architecture and place names of Boulevard Carnot is almost entirely refer to the end of XIX - beginning of XX century, the famous "Belle Epoque" of France, still not knowing the devastating world wars. But it dawns and the memory of that great era. There was the famous "route napoléon" - on her returning to France, the Emperor went to Paris to the glitz and thunder of the famous "hundred days" to leave the historical stage.