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The Cours Mirabeau: photo description (Cours Mirabeau)

The Cours Mirabeau is one of the main streets of AIX-EN-Provence. It was named in honor of count Honore de Mirabeau, famous political figure during the French revolution, born in AIX.

The Boulevard that bears his name, located in the old part of the city and even divides it into two parts: on one side of the Boulevard will be the Baroque and classicism, on the other, earlier buildings. The old Ex was built in the XVI-XVIII centuries, squares, fountains, mansions, and the present has added to his appearance of cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops.

This urban street was built in the XVIII century in the place where took place the city wall. In comparative close to the Cours Mirabeau and you can discover many attractions including Cathedral of the Holy Savior of the XVI century, the Church of the Madeleine, the town hall or museums, located in the Quartier Mazarin - for example, the art Museum, named after the local artist françois Maurice Gran.

The decoration of the Cours Mirabeau are the statue of king rené the Good, created in the XIX century by the sculptor David d'angers and the Rotonda fountain of the work of théophile de Tournadre. Both works are located in different parts of the prospectus. René the Good (of Anjou) is depicted with a bunch of grapes in his hand. One of his achievements for the local residents began breeding in Provence grape variety "Muscat". In addition, when the Dukes of Anjou, AIX-EN-Provence, their former residence, has reached a certain prosperity and well-being, and when Renee Good was an important commercial and University town. According to local legend, the monument was immured treasure.

The Cours Mirabeau is also associated with the name of another famous native of AIX - impressionist Paul cézanne, whose parents kept a hat shop in one of the houses on the Boulevard. This building is marked with a plaque.

Currently, the Cours Mirabeau called one of the most beautiful streets of the city.