/ / Bourges Cathedral: photos, description (Cathedrale Saint-Etienne de Bourges)

Bourges Cathedral: photos, description (Cathedrale Saint-Etienne de Bourges)

Cathedral of Bourges - a well-preserved example of medieval architecture. The Cathedral is not too damaged during the wars that often occurred in the Middle ages, and the two world wars of the last century and completely avoided it.

The Cathedral is a national monument of France, declared a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in the country. This temple is named a Martyr St. Etienne's (Stephen's) and is located in the historical part of the city, namely on the territory of the ancient Roman city Avaricum.

The first documentary mention of the Cathedral dates back to the year 1195. The most probable period of its construction is called time from the year 1183. It is known that the site of the Cathedral were other religious buildings, the earliest of which was built in the III century and the later ninth century, this temple has already had the status of a Cathedral. The construction of the existing Cathedral lasted for about five centuries, and its consecration was held in the year 1324.

The remains of the Cathedral of the IX century can be seen in the surviving underground chapel. In addition to it, the Cathedral has been preserved almost all the architectural elements and objects of interior decoration and decor - sculptures and stained glass Windows of the XIII century.

The only elements of the building that have been renovated are the North facade and tower. The reason for the reconstruction was the collapse of the tower in the early sixteenth century. Perhaps the cause of the collapse was an error in the calculations because the construction of the tower was completed shortly before the collapse - at the end of the XV century. In the fall of the tower has damaged the facade. The reconstruction was completed in 1542.

All five of the portals of St. Stephen's Cathedral is decorated with sculptures and sculptural compositions, which are based on laid down scenes from the Saint's life and the biblical story of the last judgment. From 25 original stained-glass Windows of the Cathedral could not save the only three pictures of stained glass. The nave of the Cathedral is decorated with astronomical clock, installed in the first half of the XV century.