/ / Former Abbey in Marbach an der Donau: photo, description Abbaye de Marbach)

Former Abbey in Marbach an der Donau: photo, description Abbaye de Marbach)

Abbey of Marbach was one of the largest Augustinian convents of the Upper Rhine. It is located between two picturesque communities - Awashima and Obermarsberg in the French region of Alsace. Now the complex of buildings in ruins.

The monastery was founded in 1089 by master of theology Manigoldo Lauterbrucke. According to the legend, appeared in the XVI century, this religious figure was a vision during a hunt before him, there were images of the virgin Mary, Jesus Christ and St. Augustine. After this miracle, he decided to establish a monastery between two important religious centers of that time, Strasbourg and Basel. Before 1124, the year the Abbey was "double" here lived both monks and nuns, but then was founded the convent of Charantin (Kloster Schwarzenthann), which has not survived.

Abbey of Marbach has received numerous papal privileges and enjoyed the patronage of Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. The monastery had a great influence on the religious life of the South of France, southern Germany and almost the whole of Switzerland, and it consisted of a small Augustinian congregation.

It had expected a difficult destiny - the monastery survived several wars, five times burned and was sacked ten times. But his end came in 1790 - and numerous other sacred buildings, Marbach Abbey was destroyed during the French revolution, and his property was sold. Now the whole complex there are only remains of the Church of the chapel, part of the fortifications of the XV century, a cemetery and a farm building, who worked at the monastery. However, thanks to old documents and lithographs, we can imagine, looked like the main temple of the monastery, built in the XII century.

This Cathedral was consecrated in honor of one of the first Fathers of the Church - St. Irenaeus of Lyons, who preached in the second century. In 1098, his remains were transferred to the Abbey of Marbach. The Church is a typical building in the Romanesque style with two towers on both sides of the choir. Here were kept two unique handwritten copy of the biblical books, made and painted in 1154 by the local monks. Now they transferred to the library at the Seminary of Strasbourg.

The ruins of the Abbey are open to tourist visits. Of particular interest, of course, causes the Church chapel 1140 of the year - the only thing left from the main monastery Church. The distinctive detail of this part of the Cathedral is common in the architecture of the Romanesque arcade with columns. It is worth noting that the defensive wall of the XV century - the only one of its kind on the territory of Alsace. With regard to farm building, it was completely renovated and modernized, thus losing its historical value. Also at the Abbey, already in 1925 the Catholic community opened a medical center for patients with tuberculosis of children, functioning to this day.