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Place vendôme: photo description (Place Vendome)

On top of the vendôme area is similar to the chest - she has an unusual octagonal form. The reason was the economy.

In 1680 king Louis XIV bought here was situated the Palace of the Duke of Vendôme and the nearby convent of the Capucines. The Royal superintendent of buildings was instructed to create a square worthy of the Sun King. The superintendent invited the famous architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart.

According to the plan of the monarch area was to frame the elegant mansions, the Academy, the mint, the library. In the centre is the equestrian statue of the king. Louis demanded, that square turned out unique and magnificent as he is.

The facades of buildings in classical style were constructed quickly. However, the parallel construction of Versailles and the constant wars drained the Treasury, the work stopped. Some time square with the equestrian statue of the king was surrounded only facades!

So there grew up the house, we had to find buyers. Were not wanting. The situation was saved by the Scotsman John law, inventor of paper money. House in the square became the first in the world objects for which they have paid not of metal coins, but paper. To build here has become fashionable.

The economy has conceived and the architect Mansart. He changed the layout of the square, cut corners and thus increasing the built-up area. It mansar thought to arrange additional housing under the roof. He boldly singled out the attic window exquisite moldings, and the world got famous later the attic.

During the French revolution, instead of the equestrian statue of the Sun King put a huge guillotine. In 1810, a decree of Napoleon, the square was erected the vendôme column. This imitation of the Roman Tranovo the column is made of metal 1250 cannons captured by the French army of the Russians and the Austrians.

In the place Vendome is the famous hotel Ritz, where Proust, Hemingway, Coco Chanel. It is from the hotel "Ritz" went a recent trip to the D'alma tunnel, Princess Diana.

Interesting tourist feature of the area - a huge number of luxury jewelry stores.