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Venas: photos, description (Venasque)

Venas - another provençal village among a hundred most beautiful in France. It is located in the Department of Vaucluse, several kilometres from Avignon, Gordes and Carpenter. The village lies in the valley of the river Several and stands on the hillside, near the mount Ventoux. On the slopes of the Ventoux paved road, sometimes used for racing, "Tour de France" as one segment of the race track. Participants will finish the race in this portion of the alignment on the top of Ventoux. Also, nearby is the mountain range Dental de Montmirail. While in the village you can find a way to enjoy the panoramic views of these southern mountains.

Venosc has several medieval sites, among which there are examples of religious, military and secular architecture. The first is the baptistery and chapel of St-Suffren, named after a local Saint-Siffrein (or Siegfried). In neighboring Carpentras also has a Church dedicated to him and previously had the status of a Cathedral. Baptistry of Venasca was built in the VI century and in accordance with the then baptized full immersion had a deep pool. Subsequently, the rite has changed, but the pool remained. The baptistery was built in the shape of a cross, his hand represented the seven days in which God created the world, and the eighth day - the day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. From XII to XVII century in Venasque was built the Church of our lady, today it is notable historic and picturesque painting "the Crucifixion", created in the late XV century.

Examples of military architecture in Venasca include the old fortifications, the first of which was built in ancient Roman times, later in the period of Saracen raids. Since the late nineteenth century the remains of these fortifications have the status of historical monument. The surviving ruins were once part of the fortress wall and tower.

On the streets of Venasca you can also see several ancient fountains, which until the middle of last century water performed its function - supplied the villagers with water.