/ / Villa Domel: photos, description (Villa Domergue)

Villa Domel: photos, description (Villa Domergue)

The property Domers to get difficult - it is not in the center, and aside from the usual tourist trails. But if tourists come here, they will not regret it: they are luxurious furnished, garden and terrace view.

This Villa in 1929, the architects Emil Molini and Charles Nico built for the French artist Jean-Gabriel Domergue. The formation of Domerge was held at the legendary Montmartre of the early XX century. Aspiring artist and distant relative of Toulouse-Lautrec, Domel appeared to him to Montmartre and was enchanted by there reigned creative atmosphere. He worked hard and quickly became known. And during the First world war his fame was even threatened with a danger: for a series of lithographs about the atrocities of the Germans, he was convicted in absentia and sentenced them to death.

But by the time the construction of the Villa Domeng was famous mainly because of the style in which he painted graceful and fashionably dressed (or, on the contrary, half-naked) women. The artist himself claimed that he invented the pin-up, later widespread in the United States. Although, of course, his unnaturally thin, with disproportionately long necks, the heroine differ from the full-figured American women.

The Villa was built in the Italian spirit inspired Domerge samples of houses he had seen in the Tuscan town of Fiesole. Therefore, the original name of the Villa Fiesole. The artist himself chose the site on the slope of a high hill and the stone for the walls, delved into all the details of the design (not only residential part of the house, but a workshop, and outbuildings) were carefully chosen details exquisite interior - even the chandelier is made by his own design. The artist's wife, Odette, a professional sculptor, has designed a magnificent garden with terraces, ponds, waterfalls, antique busts, among the cypresses and other Mediterranean plants.

The couple bequeathed the Villa to the city. There are often evening receptions, exhibitions, official events; usually it is here that the jury at the Cannes film festival is going for a final discussion of the results of the competition. From July to September allowed here and tourists. In the Villa you can admire the paintings and sculptures Domerge Odette, on a huge terrace overlooking the city and the Cannes Bay and the garden - tomb in the Etruscan spirit. This Cenotaph (empty tomb) Odette Domel portrayed her husband and herself: he smiles, she is thoughtful, and both look in the direction of the sunset on the sea.