/ / Villa Leopolda: photo, description La Leopolda)

Villa Leopolda: photo, description La Leopolda)

At the fashionable resort of Saint-Jean-cap-Ferrat will be found not alone in a luxurious mansion, but the Villa Leopolda is of interest as the most expensive Villa in the world.

Saint-Jean-cap-Ferrat as a place of rest and recreation has become popular in the late nineteenth century. The flow of tourists has increased significantly in the early twentieth century, after the Belgian monarch Leopold II acquired most of the land on the Peninsula. There were built several villas and an artificial lake.

One of these villas was intended for the mistress of the king Caroline Lacroix. The building was so great that France has recognized him as a monument of history and culture. In the mid-twentieth century the owner of these apartments was Giovanni Agnelli, an industrialist from Italy. Around the same time the Villa became a place of filming of "the Red shoes" (1948), which is based on the eponymous fairy tale by Andersen, and the movie "to Catch a thief (1955) directed by Alfred Hitchcock with grace Kelly in the lead role. During these shots there was a fatal grace the meeting with Prince Rainier, ended their marriage. In the beginning of this century the owner briefly became Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, but the deal for the sale of the mansion was soon cancelled.

In addition to the Villa Leopold, at least, another building in Saint-Jean-cap-Ferrat has the status of best of the best. The Grand Hotel, built in 1908, is among the most luxurious hotels in the world. His guests were monarchs, presidents and members of their families, movie stars and show business. The Grand hotel is a fine example of the architectural style of the "Belle Epoque". This building is located in the Park, located above all of the structures on the cap Ferrat.