/ / Villa Rothschild: photos, description (Villa Rothschild)

Villa Rothschild: photos, description (Villa Rothschild)

Villa Rothschild is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of Cannes, bright heritage of the "Belle Epoque".

It is situated at the foot of the hill Croix des gardes, in the so-called English quarter, where the example of Lord Broome was settled by wealthy British. Ironically, the French aristocracy and the rich discovered Cannes in the least - only in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Baroness Betty Rothschild, the widow of the founder of the French branch of the Rothschilds, James, appeared at Cannes in 1880. The first winter she spent in a rented Villa "Victoria". The city she loved, and the following year the Baroness bought a Villa "Maria Teresa" to tear it down and build new.

Being nee Rothschild (she was the niece of her husband), Betty used to get all the best Cannes and hired architect Charles Baron, famous for his designs of private homes. He built a Villa, which immediately attracted everyone's attention - to such an extent that it took as a model for the construction of the Palace masséna in nice. She had to attract attention: Betty Rothschild loved receptions and parties, often hosted guests and wanted to impress them.

Villa in neo-classical style, combined with elements of palladiana and Baroque looks dressy and elegant. Especially good for its South facade with a semicircular rotunda with eight columns of pink marble and two staircases leading to the garden. The same columns support the portico of the main North façade, designed to protect emerging from the carriage man from mud.

The interior is richly decorated: the wall oak paneling, moldings, marble fireplaces, in the dining room overlooking the winter garden - frescoes-trompe l'oeil, everywhere large French Windows. Much has remained intact, although during the Second world war the Germans, no doubt, had requisitioned a Villa near the office.

Now here is the municipal library and Mediatheque. Often hosts exhibitions, meetings with writers, theatrical evening. Conducted tours, during which you can explore the living room, some rooms and the garden. In the garden area of half hectare rushing waterfall, blooming roses and rhododendrons, grow blue cedars, Ginkgo, palm trees, magnolias.