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Villa Strassburger: photos, description (Villa Strassburger)

The small fishing village of Deauville, just a few years has become one of the most famous and upmarket resorts in France. Her "rebirth" occurred in 50-60-ies of the XIX century after these places casually visited the Duke Charles de Morny.

After opening this heavenly place in Deauville and neighboring Trouville rushed to the very rich and noble people from all over the world. Very soon the streets of the former village, a luxury villas and mansions. The most luxurious villas in Deauville include Villa Strassburger. The name she was named after one of the owners is an American businessman, owner of Newspapers Ralph beaver of Strassburger. Although this mansion would have more, not less sonorous, the name.

The place where was built a Villa used to belong to the parents of the writer Gustave Flaubert, and it was the farm. This land was purchased by the representative the names of Rothschild, Henry. In 1907, he built a mansion. In 1924 the Villa was acquired by the Ralph Strassburger. In 1980, his son Peter gave the mansion as a gift to the city Dovilu. Currently part of the building reserved for the Museum and the other space is rented out for various events, including receptions, for a fabulous price.

The Villa is located on the Avenue, named also the name of a newspaper magnate. Rumor has it that former Villa Strassburger is the only one in Deauville house, which belongs not to individuals, and the municipality. Also argue that his mansion Henry Rothschild sold to get rid of unnecessary real estate.