/ / The vineyard of Montmartre: photo description (Vigne de Montmartre)

The vineyard of Montmartre: photo description (Vigne de Montmartre)

The vineyard of Montmartre is not a figurative expression. Directly to the intersection of the Paris streets de Sol and Saint Vincennes from the hill descends to a real vineyard. 1762 vines, 27 grape varieties. In the village, then harvest, make wine and celebrate every year.

Montmartre was once a village. Its residents engaged in viticulture for centuries. Not fifteen acres at the intersection as it is now, and the whole hill was covered by vineyards. Legend has it that the first vine was planted in the XII century Adelaide of Savoy, former Queen of France and abbess of the Benedictine monastery, which she founded on the hill.

In the XVI century wine imported in Paris, began to impose high taxes. Montmartre was not a part of Paris, drinking in its pubs was cheaper than in the city. However, the local wine was said that it is diuretic, and is supposedly his greatest quality, but it was cheap, and Montmartre drinking establishments flourished.

The more expensive is the life in the city, the more people settled on the hill. When in 1859 the village became a district of Paris, local residents tried to resist the fear that Paris will lose identity. He really started to lose it - urbanization has led the winemaking tradition in decline. Construction of the hill was in full swing, vineyards would be left at all, if the artist Francis Bulbo decided to save the garden of Aristide, He, comedian, singer and first owner of the cabaret "Agile rabbit". (Aristide He is a man in a black coat and red scarf from the posters of Toulouse-Lautrec.) Bulbo proposed to put in place public gardens the vineyard. Romantic defeated the developers - in 1934, the Clos Montmartre vineyard produced its first harvest.

What to say about this wine? North side, a place for vineyard not fit. So-so wine, say the experts. But that is not the case, a matter of principle! Montmartre became the center of Paris всего163 years ago by Paris standards not so long ago. Nobody knows who is who joined. Still Monmartre not lost identity, it forces them to cultivate a modest vineyard and every year in October, receiving 400-500 liters of wine, to make merry the occasion. It lasts a week - parades, food, fireworks, and the proceeds from wine sales goes to the social needs of the district. Does does the taste?