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Of vogüé: photo description (Vogue)

, Vogue - another commune of the ardèche in the region rhône - Alpes, which is part of its cultural, historical and natural heritage. The Vogue is located near another scenic village, walk through time and discover. Municipality, Vogue is among the members of the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". The permanent population of the village is less than a thousand people.

The most famous local landmark is the castle that was the ancestral estate of the ancient and noble family de Vogüé. Its members took part in the Crusades, and their family motto was the Latin saying "with Their cries frighten lions". The history of the family traced back to the end of the XI century, and the first mention of the castle date back to the XII century. Family, Vogue had a lot of weight in the life of the province of Vivarais was called in the Middle ages the territory of modern ardèche. The château de Vogüé, suffered serious destruction during the religious wars of the XVI century, therefore, in the following century it was carried out large-scale reconstruction, during which it acquired its present appearance.

Currently, threads of family, Vogue belongs to the Palace of Vaux-Le-Vicomte, located near the Ground, about 50 kilometres from Paris. The estate became a place of shootings of a historical film "the Man in the iron mask" and one of the films of "James bond" Moon wanderer" with Roger Moore in the title role. And at château de Vogüé is now a Museum.

Perhaps the relatives of those accounts, Vogue Eugene Melchior de Vogüé - a man of various talents (Explorer, historian, writer, critic, diplomat and archaeologist, who lived in the XIX century and the end of the century represented the ardèche Department in the national Assembly of France.

In addition to the medieval castles of the land of Ardèche can present the travelers its natural resources: deep river, on which you can sail and canoe, caves and grottoes with stalactites and stalagmites, magnificent gorges, mineral springs and vineyards.