/ / Military school: photo description (Ecole Militaire)

Military school: photo description (Ecole Militaire)

Military school, école Militaire, located in buildings overlooking the field of Mars. Here is the current Military Academy of France, tours are not allowed here. But to explore the complex makes sense: its buildings magnificent.

The impetus for the creation in France of a Military school was the results of the war of the Austrian succession. The win has given the country a hard time. A brilliant military leader, count Moritz of Saxony blamed the poor training of the French troops. He advised Louis XV to create the Royal military school.

The king entrusted the project to architect ange Jacques Gabriel. To Finance construction of France had imposed a special tax on card games. But due to lack of funds the initial project was thoroughly gutted. Managed to keep an impressive quadrangular dome of the Central neoclassical building and its lush decor. The Central entrance framed by Corinthian columns, the pediment contains the coat of arms of Louis XV. From the Main courtyard and from the East the building is decorated with hours Lepota them almost two hundred years.

The Eastern facade of the building looked out on a large meadow. Here staged the military parade ground, called the Champs de Mars. It was assumed that there the cadets will learn vaulting and fencing.

In 1756, the school took the first 200 cadets from poor noble families. In 1785, the graduate School became a second Lieutenant of artillery Napoleon Bonaparte. However, on the eve of the revolution the school was closed, its building became a warehouse and a barracks.

Meanwhile, on the Champ de Mars in important events. It was here on 14 July 1790 Parisians, including the king Louis XVI swore allegiance to the Constitution. It is here a year later, the crowd demanded the abdication of the king, and the troops shot the people.

In 1878 the complex near the field of Mars the newly opened Higher military school. Since then, the school produces military officers. From 1951 to 1966 there was defensive College of the NATO, but with the exit of France from the military organisation of the Alliance, the College moved to Rome. Now the Paris military Academy is one of the most prestigious military schools of France.