/ / The station of La Baule-Les-Pins: photo, description Gare de La Baule-Les Pins)

The station of La Baule-Les-Pins: photo, description Gare de La Baule-Les Pins)

A small seaside town of La Baule is situated in the South-West of France, in the Loire-Atlantique region. First and foremost it is known for its sandy beaches, located on the coast of the Bay of Biscay. There are many luxurious hotels, elegant villas and luxury casinos.

However, sea resort of La Baule was relatively recently - only in 1879, here was built a railway that connected the settlement with the big port of Saint-Nazaire, and in 1927 was a new railway station. Thanks to its striking facade, resembling a typical Medieval half-timbered wooden houses, the building of the new station became a kind of "calling card" of the town. Interestingly, the town has a second station of La Baule-Escoublac, built at the same time and executed in approximately the same style of romantic historicism.

It should be noted that the previous station was not preserved, and in its place was laid a large urban Park. The new station was built solely for the convenience of tourists pouring in La Baule after 1918. Then the city undertook a massive building, designed to make him a copy of Deauville, the famous resort in the North of France.

Unlike the other station, La Baule-Les-Pins ceased to be used after the station was equipped with a modern pass directly to the platforms. However, the ancient building because of its historical values were not to be demolished. For a long time it housed the hotel where you could rent apartments. And with 2014 on the first floor of buildings has an elegant restaurant. However, one should not forget that near the station is still a functioning railway, which go not only regional trains plying in the Valley, but also long-distance trains going to major cities, for example, in Nantes.