/ / Gate Dizho: photos, description (Porte Dijeaux)

Gate Dizho: photos, description (Porte Dijeaux)

Gate Dizho one of the attractions of the French city of Bordeaux, located in the South-West of the country in the Aquitaine region. Founded in the V century BC, this city for a long time in the middle Ages belonged to the English kings of the Plantagenet dynasty and enjoyed various privileges granted to him by the English crown. However, after the hundred years ' war, Aquitaine returned to the French, and the city for some time has lost its meaning. Bordeaux managed to regain its lost positions in the XVIII century with the development of Maritime trade with America. In 1746 it was decided to rebuild the city in a classic style, and two years later began the construction of the gate Dizho.

Gate Dizho was completed in 1753. Construction took place under the guidance of renowned architect Andre Porter, one of the founders of Neoclassicism in France. Interesting material used for the construction is a porous solid stone that contains fossils.

The building is striking in its monumentality. The gate is decorated with an elegant portico with stucco - relief depicts the Royal coat of arms with French heraldic lilies.

The name "Dizho" rooted in the ancient history of Bordeaux. It is known that the current city gate is built on the site of an ancient gate, made in the period of Roman rule. The gate was dedicated to the God Jupiter, whose name in the Gascon tradition sounded like "Jou". In the course of history, the phrase "de Jou" merged into one and became an independent name.

In 1921, the gate Dizho was recognized as a monument of history and culture of France.