/ / Gate Mordelet and the medieval quarter of Rennes: photo, description Porte Mordelaise)

Gate Mordelet and the medieval quarter of Rennes: photo, description Porte Mordelaise)

In 1720 the medieval quarter of Rennes was destroyed by a large fire, and in the years of the Second world war damage to historical and architectural heritage of the city has caused the air strikes of the fascist army and its allies.

Despite this, in Rennes managed to keep its medieval quarter. It is located in the historical center in the Western part of the city. Here you can see many houses from half-timbered houses, the former city gates, and fragments of the city fortifications.

One of the first sights are a quarter of the gate Mordelet that in the Middle ages served as a ceremonial entrance to the city. Another surviving city gates were named after the coming of the Dukes of Brittany. From the gate Mordelet, built in 1440, led the way to the Cathedral of St. Peter, where he held various ceremonies.

Near the gate Mordelles is the place des Lices (square Arena). Now this area is especially lively in Saturdays when the market starts trading. And in medieval times it was held jousting tournaments. One of the participants of this tournament in the first half of the XIV century was young Bertrand du Helen, who had defeated several very experienced opponents. In the future, a brave young man has distinguished himself in the battles of the hundred years war as a talented leader and was awarded the title of constable - the highest military position in medieval France.

In the old quarter of Rennes is also the Palace of Parliament of Brittany building, built in the first half of the seventeenth century, happily survived the fire in the beginning of the XVIII century, but damaged by fire in the end of XX-th. It caught fire during demonstrations fishermen from running flares. The building itself and its artistic value (paintings and tapestries) were rescued, and then the Palace has been restored.